What Parents Say

We recently moved here and after looking around at a few places that wouldn’t take my kids I felt a bit hopeless. The last two places I contacted told me to look up emerson academy because they were wonderful and had smaller class size that would be better for my children. I figured if they were willing sending me to another center they must be that good.

I went and spoke to the director Sarah that and I was over joyed at how easy she seemed to handle my kids needs. I have a 4 year old and 3 year old that are on the autism spectrum. My 3 year old is almost non verbal and my 4 year old knows words, but has a hard time expressing them. They both have triggers n things that bother them along with allergies, but no matter what I said she just nodded n assured me she could handle it.

She has so much experience with kids like mine and trains her staff for all special needs. She gave me information for a lady that’s a speech and occupational therapist so I could get new therapy set up here. She also told me the same lady trains her staff. They are training next week.

Now to the most important part both of my kids are in love with the place. Neither one want to leave because they learn and have fun in such a great environment. There’s a farm and garden there on the property too!! My son has been in school and other daycares and no matter how long he attended he would freak out every morning and I’d fell awful for leaving. I don’t feel that way no because he takes my key to the door and willing walks away from me without so much as a bye!!

Everyone there actually cares about the children!!

Autumn W.

I love Emerson. My son attended for all 5 years (he’s in Kinder now) and now my daughter is there (just turned 1). The staff cares about the kids, educates them, and prepares them for the transition to elementary school. The kids love the animals, love the playground. And the amount of time the kids play outside make me very happy – I know some other schools limit the play time in favor of more schoolwork, but I think allowing the kids to get their energy out enhances their ability to learn when they are inside. I wouldn’t have my kids at any other daycare! My only complaint would be that they do not provide lunch, but they do work with an outside food vendor if you wish to order hot lunches for your child.

Elizabeth L.

My son is 2 years old and has been attending since he was 11 months old. He LOVES it. The staff is great! The curriculum is great! The children are loved, individuality is encouraged – and each child is helped along through their milestones. The parents are also friendly and get to know each other for play dates. I originally had my son at a commercial daycare where he cried everyday. I took him out after 3 days and placed him at Emerson. On the first day I picked him up from Emerson he was smiling and happy. He has loved it since. In fact, sometimes he doesn’t want to come home. I highly recommend it.

Laura T.

My daughter has been enrolled here for a little over a year now, and has been in two different classrooms. We’ve tried a couple of different schools before, but she is extremely sensitive and is afraid of other children hurting her. While she would get through the day at other schools she never wanted to go back, and when I’d pick her up she’d often be sitting in the corner quietly, with legs and arms tucked close to her body – a defensive position. She hasn’t received an official diagnosis, but we strongly suspect that she has Sensory Processing Disorder.

Emerson Academy takes children of all abilities, which means that they offer specialized training to their teachers. This training has meant all of the difference in the world to us. In previous schools the teachers would loudly and enthusiastically greet my daughter each morning, no matter how many times they saw her shrink back and cover her ears. The teachers at Emerson actually pay attention and respond appropriately. They can recognize the signs of a child being overwhelmed or scared, so they just smile warmly and welcome her with a quiet voice. This probably isn’t a big deal for most parents, but for us it is HUGE and a sign that they’ll really understand how to work with her.

I am thrilled to say that my daughter loves going to school here now. She has absolutely blossomed under their care! She talks enthusiastically about how much she loves her teachers (and even gives them kisses and holds their hands), but even better – they have pushed her just enough to encourage her to really socialize with her peers. They have done an outstanding job of encouraging her to try new things without pushing her too far outside of her comfort zone.

I was terrified that all of the progress we’d made would be lost when she moved into a new classroom. My daughter LOVED her old teachers, especially Miss Laken. I’m thrilled to say that the way they handled the transition really made it seamless. They have the different classrooms overlap while playing outside (and they do a LOT of outside play) so that the kids have a chance to get to know kids and teachers in other classes. The week of transition the children would gradually increase the amount of time they spent in the other class over the course of the week. This type of gradual transition is just what my daughter needed. It also means that she still gets the opportunity to see her old, beloved teachers each day.

I’ve referred several friends here now, and they have been just as satisfied as we are. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Emerson Academy and these outstanding teachers.

Heather S.